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SD Web Cam: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical system cost?

Due to the complexity of the service and project particulars, we are only able to provide general estimates upon receiving some basic information from the client (you). Please provide us with the details and scope of your project and we can provide you with an estimate.

How do I get in touch with you regarding my project?

Often the best way to discuss the particulars of your project is over the phone (619) 564-4445, but you may also use our Project Builder in the Estimates section to get the ball rolling.

Where are you located?

San Diego , CA

Do you service areas outside of San Diego County?

Yes, we also work in Orange County, Temecula, Los Angeles and Riverside County. We will also service projects remotely in any part of the world at client request. Our systems can be preconfigured and installed by the client or third party very easily.

How long does it take to have a system installed and running?

Upon determining the best location for a camera (often after a visit to the site), and determining what equipment is needed, we can have a system up and running in one day. We do require a materials retainer and signed contract prior to beginning work.

Can I buy a camera and install it myself?

We can pre-configure a camera for you or assist you remotely if you prefer to do your own physical installation. Not a problem! Our Time-Lapse service is comprehensive and includes a monthly web service and maintenance contract. Many of our web cam solutions are plug and play, so we can provide equipment in those instances directly to you, usually at or below standard retail cost.

How long is a typical project?

Our Time-Lapse Photography systems are typically in service for the complete duration of construction, 12-14 or 24-36 months or the duration required. Our other cameras are typically serviced longer, 3-6 yrs. at a time, before upgrading or switching systems.

For information on our web cam services, please visit our Services section. Use our Project Builder in the Estimates section to receive pricing information. Once you provide us with the details of your project, we can offer you the most appropriate solution and accurate estimate. Serious inquiries only please.

Studio 3-G also offers general Photography, Graphic Design and Web Development services.

Call: 619.564.4445