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San Diego Wildfires Reveal Benefits of Remote Surveillance

November 1, 2007

Having survived the San Diego Fire Storm of 2003, I was fortunate again to avoid receiving evacuation orders during the epic fire event this Fall in 2007. All evacuation orders were officially lifted yesterday (Halloween), ten days after the historic fire first broke out. Residents are finally free to return home.

Shortly after the fire had ripped through several communities, many residents of San Diego County and the surrounding areas were anxious to get back home to see what was in store for them. During this time, it was difficult to receive accurate or detailed information on what impact the fire had on individual residences and neighborhoods. Security perimeters were set up around neighborhoods where fires were severe, as a public safety measure and in order to prevent further losses to looting. In cases where residents were able to re-enter their neighborhoods, it was often only for brief periods at a time, and lines to get back in were reminiscent of a busy day at Disneyland.

It has been quite a rocky ride for many evacuees and San Diego homeowners, though a recent San Diego Web Cam client who happened to be on the other side of the country during the fires provided a different perspective from their experience. They were the first to bring to my attention how helpful the remote web cam system, we had installed this summer, was in reassuring them of the condition of their home.

"We wanted to let you know that the webcams you installed have really been the only way for us to check on the the house – (so far everything looks ok). Though not the intended purpose, they have really been a huge relief for us during this time."

This particular client's home was located in an area that was especially devastated, so being able to remotely login to view their home via the web was a Godsend. The fires were too widespread for them to learn of specific detailed information about their neighborhood through mainstream media channels and their neighbors were also evacuated, so they didn't know the status of their homes either.

Not knowing whether or not you lost your home is almost as bad as having your worst fears confirmed, relate many people who have gone through tragedies and natural disasters of this magnitude. It seems more and more these days, there are unexpected emergencies which could force one to evacuate their home. In many cases, having a web camera surveillance system on the premises can help alleviate many problems, and provide a little peace of mind in trying times.

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